Superior Ambulance Medical Helicopter Crashes in IL, 1 Critical, 3 Stable Transported to Local Hospitals

July 7, 2108-A Superior Air Ambulance crashed near I-57 and the Bishop Ford in Chicago. According to information obtained via social media, 4 individuals were transported to local hospitals as a result of the crash. The FAA is investigating and no cause of the crash has been determined at this point in time. It was reported that the helicopter was carrying one patient at the time of the crash but that has not yet been confirmed. The crash occurred at approximately 9:15 tonight. It is not known the origin of the flight.

This is a breaking report, we will update this as additional details become available.


  1. I believe this helicopter had just come from Hobart hospital, I was there, I watched it take off. Had a very strange kind of gas smell when it started up but not sure if that was normal or not, I took video of it leaving

    • Thank you Jamie, if you would post that video I think our readers would be very interested in it. I can send you a link to post it.

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