Local Legislator Details “Sexual Battery” by Attorney General at Indianapolis Establishment

“I speak out now, to support the other victims of Attorney General Curtis Hill, who have not yet found their voice.
I call upon our Statehouse leaders to protect not only the young adult public servants, but state employees, and to create a method whereby deviant behavior is held accountable, no matter the perpetrator’s title.” State Representative Mara Candelaria-Reardon in a letter to the Indianapolis Star

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July 6, 2018-Mara Candelaria-Reardon, an Indiana State Representative, alleges in a letter to the Indianapolis Star today that a drunken Curtis Hill ” placed [his] hand on my back and slid his hand down to [her] buttocks and grabbed it.” Curtis Hill is the Attorney General of Indiana. The incident allegedly took place on March 15, 2018 after midnight at an end-of-session party held annually. According to a report regarding the incident (see link below), Attorney General Hill put his hand under Candelaria-Reardon’s clothing twice. Candelaria-Reardon describes the encounter as a “sexual battery.”

Candelaria-Reardon states that she reported the incident to the Democratic Leader of the House and to Speaker Brian Bosma “a few weeks later” after a member of the legislative staff told her that “Curtis Hill continued to grope at least four other women, herself included.” Candelaria-Reardon says she was obligated to report the conduct after learning that staff members had been involved. “These young women came to Indianapolis to be mentored and taught professional conduct, not to be assaulted.”

Speaker Bosma ordered an investigation and that investigation was leaked to the Indianapolis Star. Attorney General Curtis Hill groping allegations: Read the confidential memo-https://www.indystar.com/story/news/politics/2018/07/03/curtis-hill-indiana-attorney-general-confidential-memo-groping/755193002/). According to interviews conducted with 6 other women, Attorney General Curtis Hill appeared to be intoxicated. One woman said described conduct very similar to that outlined by Representative Candelaria-Reardon:

” . . .AG Hill put his arm around her and began sliding his hand down her back. When Legislative Employee A tried to remove his hand, AG Hill grabbed her hand and groped her on the buttocks” according to the report.

Still another legislative employee alleged that AG Hill rubbed her back. “He asked her if she knew who he was and then placed his hand on her back and then began rubbing it up and down for approximately two minutes” the statement reads. A third woman reported that AG Hill “put his arm around her and hugged her to him.” Three other women were interviewed but did not report any inappropriate contact. Each reported AG Hill appearing intoxicated and acting inappropriately.

In a written statement, Attorney General Curtis Hill denies the allegations.


    • Isn’t the Indiana Attorney General looking into a questionable transaction Reardon entered into, associated with a trash processing business she has interest in?

      Your ignorance is overwhelming. Criminal investigations and prosecutions don’t occur in the court of public opinion…. you have absolutely no knowledge of what happened, yet your rush to judgment.

      BTW, In my opinion, Reardon a 50 year old plus chunky overweight middle aged has been politician, attempting to be current, dresses like she is 18 years old, some of the public photos pushed I would be ashamed to have the published.

    • If it happened in March, and if reported to an investigating authority/law enforcement, and no charges have been levied…. it is a hollow accusation.

      Dissatisfied with the prosecutor most likely stating to them there is insufficient evidence, they decided to go to the press.

      The problem with their ALLEGATION, bar videotape has probably been taped over.

      I agree with Michelle, a 50 year old trollop.

  1. Please, if anyone understands the dynamics of a delayed out cry it is a legislator. To have not confronted the ALLEGED assault at the time it happened, it becomes a political stunt. (In this case it was at a legislative function, with plenty of qualified witnesses.) It sends the wrong message to other victims and opens the accuser to questions of credibility.

    The delay now brings forward what appears to be an attempt to change the outcome of an election.

    Shame on you Mrs. Reardon.

  2. Where is the police report? An assault happened, file & press charges. And why wait March, April, May, June… Too long. What is the End Game? Sorry Maria, dont believe you.

  3. Is this idea they come with according with or on the line with such and such? Like for example I would overhear some aggresive hothead behind me male or female saying under his breath ” I truly want what’s inside his buttcheeks”. This comment could lead to battery with an advert effect I believe.

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