It’s July 1, Enjoy Your New Soliday Gas Tax Increase, Get Ready for the Tolls and RDA Food and Beverage Tax

Up next from the tax and spend republicans, toll roads and food and beverage tax

Indiana’s prevaricator in chief, Eric Holcomb will say or do anything to get more of your money to his campaign contributors

July 1, 2018-Effective today, Indiana’s gas tax will be 15 cents more than it was on June 30, 2017 thanks in large part to Representative Ed Soliday and Governor Eric Holcomb. The tax and spend Republicans seem to have a loose association with the truth, claiming the increases are needed to maintain current roads. Instead, a portion of the increased gas tax is actually going to a crony consultant to market a plan to put tolls on all Indiana Interstates. In addition, the Republicans in Indianapolis have made it a priority to put money into developers pockets by tearing up roads and putting in roundabouts, curb bumpouts and other “traffic calming” devices to slow you down and force you to drive less.

The Democrats seem to be all aboard the Republican tax and spend plans with few voicing dissent. In Lake County, we face the very real likelihood of a food and beverage tax that will go straight to the non-elected and unnacountable Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority. The bipartisan push for the food and beverage tax is so strong that Democratic union boss Randy Palmateer was a major contributor to the campaign of Christian Jorgensen who ran against Republican Incumbent Eldon Strong. During the primary, when questioned on the food and beverage tax, Jorgensen said “he wasn’t in favor of it.” What Jorgensen didn’t say is that he would vote against any food and beverage tax. That is because, in favor of it or not, Jorgensen will always do what he is told and that is exactly why the Lake County Democrats and Republicans put him in office.

On the Democratic side, Indiana’s longest serving clown, State Representative Charlie Brown, will come back from Indianapolis to do the bidding of the RDA. The earring-clad sectegenarian has been feeding at the public dole for over 30 years while receiving a handsome stipened from NIPSCO (see ). Obviously, he could, and should, retire with some semblance of dignity but this is Lake County where the Democrats and Republicans will never give up as long as there is one penny left in your pocket.

Get on Board or Get out . . .NIPSCO is in charge here now!


  1. Wow Ken! You have out did yourself on this article!
    I wondered why Charlie Brown wanted to get on the county council(or whatever it is)Mr.Jorgensen is gunning for a higher position somewhere(head of mattress store deployment probably)
    When was the last time Randy Palmateer swung a hammer in the carpenter trade?
    Round-abouts are for fools who want to cause the rise in insurance premiums due to the crashes therein!

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