Church Bus Carrying Teens Catches Fire on I-65

Church bus catches fire on I-65.
Church bus catches fire on I-65. Photo provided by Indiana State Police

All 18 occupants (16 teens and two chaperones) were able to get off the bus without injury

June 30, 2018-Crown Point Fire and Rescue was called to assist Indiana State Police early this morning after an Illinois church bus caught fire on Interstate 65. According to a statement from Indiana State Police, a bus owned by Herscher Christian Church in Herscher, Illinois was southbound on I-65 near the Lowell exit at approximately 12:54 a.m. The driver of the bus, Sue A. Stevenson of Herscher, Illinois, reported that she saw sparks coming from the right rear tire. “As Stevenson pulled the bus over onto the right shoulder the right rear tire caught fire. All eighteen occupants (sixteen teenagers and two chaperones) were able to get off the bus as the fire quickly spread through the rear of the bus; within minutes the bus was fully engulfed” the report states.

Trooper Justin Hansen and Midnight Blue Towing were able to transport all the occupants to an establishment at the Lowell exit where they were able to make arrangements to get home.

South bound I-65 lanes in this area were closed for approximately two hours for extinguishing the fire, clean-up, and removal of the bus.

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    • Some ppl here in Evansville & other IN areas meaning church groups(missionaries) with green jackets are going behind you in line cashing in from casheir sending it overseas where money value is lower. Taking it back to U.S. having U fight each other.. For property.. But they aint helping lower money value ppl. Blocking them. Possible consumation.

    • How do you know it wasn’t inspected? It was 99 degrees yesterday and tired are rubber and do heat up and can blow regardless of inspection. How about praying for this driver and people on board who have to think about this? Don’t be so quick to judge.

      • Absolutely! If the bus had a fire hydrant on it, it might have stopped it from spreading but people come first. It was horrendously hot outside and it wouldd have been even after midnight. Those roads were still hot and I’m sure the bus had been out in the he heat too. The fact that they left so late tells you they were a trying to avoid the heat. File this under “stuff” happens and be thankful everyone is safe.

    • I promise you it wasn’t anything to do with failure of inspection. The bus was inspected before the last trip it took, after that trip, and before this one (: This was an attack on the church family, but Satan hasn’t won, nor will he ever. Thank God everyone was safe.

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