Bo Kemp Gets a $50 per hour Raise

While Bo Kemp’s total compensation remains as much a mystery as what he does in the “transparent” Freeman-Wilson, contracts uploaded to the gateway show that he received a 29% raise in February 2018 retroactive to January 1, 2018.

Source: Indiana Department of Local Government Finance

June 29, 2018-While Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson reportedly sent out a letter to local organizations pleading for money for public safety, the Gary Sanitary District was hard at work providing a raise for the Mayor’s favorite crony contractor. According to documents obtained from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, GSD and Kemp entered into a contract on December 18, 2018 which would pay him $175.00 per hour for various deliverables. On February 21, 2018, the crony GSD board approved a $50 (29%) increase in the hourly rate to be paid to Kemp. It is unclear what the rationale was for the increase as the “transparent” Freeman-Wilson administration rarely provides insight into the activities or reports of Kemp. In fact, it has been reported that Kemp has contracts with the Gary/Chicago International Airport Authority but we could not find any contracts for Kemp and the Airport Authority online. Kemp is also President of the ironically titled Gary Economic Development Corporation, but no contract detailing compensation for that position could be found either.

Municipalities are required to upload all contracts which total over $50,000 to the Indiana Gateway for Local Government. Many local municipalities simply refuse to do so or upload select contracts. As Gary struggles to pay public safety employees, we will continue to provide you details on the numerous consulting contracts which the City continues to enter into. Perhaps the “transparent” Freeman-Wilson administration could take a huge step toward transparency by explaining the Bo Kemp raise and detailing which, if any, consultant contracts were paid out of any funds where the Ambulance/EMS monies were illegally transferred.

Don’t expect answers from the State Board of Accounts who apparently missed the transfers of $millions of dollars in public safey funds in every audit.

You can see the full contracts below:
Faegre BD Consultion - Bo Kemp 2018 Contract

126 Faegre BD Consulting - Bo Kemp Amended 2018 Contract - Rates


  1. DRAIN THE SWAMP! Cut off the head and cronies might die.Good work,Ken!
    Keep diggin’,maybe someone in the State prosecutor’s office will listen one of these days.

  2. Is it true, 3 attorneys, closely associated with McDermott, involved with Hammond board, have been served with FBI target letters?

    • FBI target letters are not public information. A target letter is one investigative tool utilized by federal investigators and allows investigators to obtain testimony regarding a case. A target letter is not evidence of guilt but certainly would be newsworthy if credible evidence existed as to the sending of target letters to any public official or contractor.

      We have no credible evidence of any target letters being served on any Hammond officials or contractors. If you have credible information regarding any active investigations, we would love to hear from you. You can always e-mail with any news tips. Thank you for reading the Gazette.

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