Gary, IN 2017 Redevelopment Report

Presented here is the complete report of the Gary, IN Redevelopment Commission for 2017.  These documents are supposed to be on the Indiana Gateway but the site has not been updated since the selection of Eric Holcomb as Governor by the Indiana Republican Party in 2016.

The Redevelopment Report is required to be presented to the executive (Mayor or Town Manager) and the legislative body of a municipality each year.  It is filed with the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance but is not readily available online from either source.  The Gazette presents the documents in their entirety for public review and for reference for future articles.


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  1. So WTF do these 15 employees do? And how much do the other 6 officers or “None” get of our tax dollars? Gary needs redevelopment,starting in City Hall. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

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