HPD Say Man Tried to Abduct Children, Attacked Police Officer and Citizen Rushed in to Help

Daschcam video shows Hammond resident Patrick Baum assisting Officer Daniel Sangkaratana. Photo provided.
Daschcam video shows Hammond resident Patrick Baum assisting Officer Daniel Sangkaratana. Photo provided.

A man reportedly tried to abduct a 15 year old and a 10 year old in the 2900 block of 165th Street in Hammond.  Hammond resident Patrick Baum was recognized for coming to the aid of an officer who was being attacked after stopping the suspect.


June 19, 2018-Hammond Police say a suspect in two attempted child abductions is in custody thanks to the help of a quick thinking and brave resident.  According to the statement,  Hammond Police responded to the 2900 block of 165th street at approximately 1:00 p.m. on June 1 for a report of an attempted child abduction.  A 15 year old child reported that she was grabbed by a male in a black vehicle according to Police.  Shortly after the initial call, a 10 year old reported that a male matching the same description tried to lure her into his vehicle in the 6400 block of New Hampshire the report continues.

“Hammond Police Officer Daniel Sangkaratana was actively patrolling the area in search of the suspect when he located the vehicle with matching license plates from Illinois. Officer Sangkaratana advised that he located the suspect inside his vehicle. Officer Sangkaratana performed a traffic stop of the vehicle and the suspect immediately exited his vehicle and began to walk around with a blank stare. Officer Sangkaratana gave the suspect orders that were ignored. The suspect went back into his vehicle and began to reach under the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Fearing that the suspect was reaching for a weapon, Officer Sangkaratana ran up the suspect and grabbed his arm attempting to stop the suspect from grabbing a weapon. The suspect spun around and began to fight with the officer. The suspect began to grab Officer Sangkaratana’s vest and gun belt. The suspect pushed the officer into the street and continued to struggle.”

That is when resident Patrick Baum saw what was happening.  ” Mr. Baum ran up to the suspect fighting with Officer Sangkaratana and tackled him to the ground. Mr. Baum assisted Officer Sangkaratana in holding the suspect on the ground until fellow officers arrived and the officers were able to secure the suspect in the police vehicle” according to the report.

Patrick Baum was presented an award for his bravery and the suspect was charged with 5 criminal counts.

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