Hammond, IN 2017 Redevelopment Report

Presented here is the complete report of the Hammond, IN Redevelopment Commission for 2017.  These documents are supposed to be on the Indiana Gateway but the site has not been updated since the selection of Eric Holcomb as Governor by the Indiana Republican Party in 2016.

Hammond, IN Redevelopment 2017 Annual Report


  1. As I read this, Eddie K., as a city employee, isn’t he benefiting from a tiff district?

    Didn’t Eddie appeal the taxes on that property reducing them from hundreds of thousands of dollars down to the current $8,000 tax assessment?

    As a city employee, isn’t this a conflict of interest?

    • Another Gary, Why ? I am interested to know what you feel is so bad about the place the you live is. Or are you just talking to talk? I think you may just be getting to caught up in fake news.

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