Dad, Daughter in Custody After Sheriff’s Raid in Crown Point Nets Hallucinogens, Handguns

Crown Point father and daughter taken into custody after Sheriff’s Police allegedly find hallucinogenic mushrooms and guns in home.

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June 12, 2018-Sheriff Oscar Martinez says a raid on a house in Crown Point turned up 267 gross grams of hallucinogenic mushroom, 14 mason jars of early and late growth stages of hallucinogenic mushroom. The raid was executed at 8:00 a.m. on June 11, 2018 in the 300 block of North Park Street in Crown Point according to a statement from Sheriff Oscar Martinez. David Alderson of Crown Point, age 43 and his daughter Sara Alderson of Crown Point age 20, were arrested according to Sheriff Martinez. Also seized in the raid were 3 handguns, 1 AR-15*, 1 22 caliber long rifle, and 950.00 in US currency. Charges are pending according to the statement.

Sheriff Oscar Martinez commends The Lake County Sheriff’s Drug Task Force on a job well done and asks the public to assist in keeping your neighborhoods free of drug activity by calling the Lake County Sheriff’s Crime Hotline at 1-800-750-2746.

All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. A criminal charge is not evidence of guilt.

*The original version of this story quoted the term “assualt rifle” to describe the AR-15. That was a term utilized by the Sheriff and, after careful consideration, we decided to remove that inflammatory comment. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the subject.


  1. An AR 15 is not an assault rifle. It is an AR 15. An assault weapon can be anything from a baseball bat, knife, a chain, a hand gun.

    AR does not stand for Assault Rifle, it references the original manufacturer, Armalite Rifle

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