Man Who Died in ATF “Ambush” Repeatedly Released by LC Prosecutor, Courts

Judge Clarence Murray and Prosecutor Bernard Carter repeatedly set Raymon Truitt free despite continually being arrested for violent crimes

45G02-1604 F3-  000014 State of Indiana vs. Raymon                                                              Lee Truitt Judge Clarence                           Murray Battery w/deadly weapon 04/11/2016 01/11/2017, Decided
45G02-1307-FA-000019 State of Indiana vs. Raymon Lee Truitt
Judge Clarence Murray
Attempted Murder 07/08/2013 09/12/2014, Decided


State of Indiana vs. Raymon Lee Truitt Judge Clarence    


Attempted Murder 01/07/2009 08/09/2011, Decided


State of Indiana vs. Raymon Lee Truit Judge Clarence Murray Robbery 03/04/2008 04/06/2011, Decided


State of Indiana vs. Raymon Lee Truitt Judge Clarence




12/06/2007 08/09/2011, Decided

June 8, 2018-Lake County Coroner Merrilee Frey has identified the man who died in yesterdays shooting incident which ATF agents are describing as an “ambush” of federal officers.  28 year old Raymon Lee Truitt, II was pronounced dead in the 500 block of Kentucky Street in Gary at 2:51 p.m. on June 7, 2018 according to the statement.  Truitt suffered multiple gunshot wounds according to the report.  The case is being investigated by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Indiana State Police, Gary Police Department, DEA, US Marshalls, and the  FBI according to the report.

Court records show that Truitt has a long history of arrests for violent crimes dating back to 2007.  Based on the charges in Lake County alone, Truitt was subject to 134 years in prison.  Despite that, records from the Indiana Bureau of Prisons show that Truitt was sentenced to just under 21 months in prison.  Truitt repeatedly received plea agreements that involved time served and probation and then he continually violated the terms of the probation without consequence.  In fact, even after a charge of carjacking and two attempted murder charges,  as recently as January, 2017 Prosecutor Bernard Carter and Judge Clarence Murray both agreed to put Truitt on probation again for a charge of battery committed with a deadly weapon.:

Def apprs in person and by Atty Alger Boswell. State apprs by Atty Christopher Bruno. Jdgmt of convic entered for Ct III, Battery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury, Level 5 Felony. Def sent 2 yrs DOC. 2 yrs susp; 2 yrs prob. State files mtn to dismiss Cts I & II; granted. Clerk to prepare AOJ & notify. Cause disposed. [CDM/ELK/BBW/RJO]

Murray, Clarence D
01. Aggravated Battery
• Dismissed
Murray, Clarence D
02. Battery commited with deadly weapon
• Dismissed
Murray, Clarence D
03. Battery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury
• Finding of Guilty


  1. Well now he gets to be judged by the ultimate judge, Jesus.
    Really though he probably didn’t have much going for him, as there are NO REAL JOBS in Gary that could have prevented his life of criminal involvement!

  2. Release some of the non-violent crimes and apply stiffer punishments for crimes that lead to death. Drugs should be identified like alcohol decreasing the drug crimes and emoting the jails for violent people: re-open the mental health facilities which will also create jobs. Cities and areas around cities are filthy and filled with dangerously falling down buildings. Education does not mean “common sense” is no longer useful nor needed! IJS

  3. Bring back public executions or the death penalty at the least.This libtard judge and prosecutor must be voted OUT. And this crap:“Gun violence doesn’t stop at the state line and neither do government investigations… We will never tolerate gun violence and never stop doing all we can to defeat it” is typical blame the tool and not the violent law breaking users!

  4. A top investigation is in order for Carter and Murry. Sure this goes on more than we know. Truly criminal on thier part.

    At least our ATF, our first responders and citizens wont have to worry about this idiot anymore.

    Another black eye for our county and state. What a disgrace on our society!!!!
    May God bless our protectors….

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