Munster Pushes “Shadow Government” Plan Forward with Planapalooza

Munster Planapalooza will push “Character Based Code” on residents

When: Kick-off event Thursday June 7 at Munster Town Hall

June 6, 2018-After decrying the Slager/Candelaria House Bill 1144 as “shadow government”, the Munster Town Council is poised to move full steam ahead with granting the RDA even more power. In a series of events the Town is poised to sell a plan they have dubbed “Character Based Code.” If character based code sounds a lot like Form Based Code, that is because it is exactly like Doug Farr’s form based code. Under character based code, the Town will have little say in development provided a series of pre-selected criteria are met. No planning commission, no zoning board and no Town Council approval will be necessary for the big banks and big developers that the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority is planning to bring to your neighborhood. Big banks and big developers can’t be bothered with pesky local regulations so Doug Farr created and pushed form based code through his powerful Congress for a New Urbanism and ICLEI-a United Nations organization designed to eliminate local representative government worldwide. (for more in ICLEI see

Don’t worry though, the Town will still maintain a full staff of planning, zoning and enforcement officials in case you want to add a deck or you become ill and your lawn gets over 6″.


  1. Do they not realize election time comes around every year? What part of “we dont want this” do they not understand? Its unfortunate that those that will be severely impacted (us in Munster) cannot vote this Slager out.

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