Report: Aguilera Drew Weapon on Growler’s Customer in Sept. 2017

Officer Aguilera stated ” . . .out of fear for his life and further harm he un holstered a personal owned pistol and pointed it at the subject in order for him to get off the door and remove his hand from Mr. Aguilera’s head”  Highland Police Report dated for incident at Growler’s Bar on September 14, 2017


May 21, 2018-The East Chicago Police officer who was injured in a shooting at Growler’s on Highway on May 19, 2018 admitted in a police report that he pointed a weapon at an individual in the bathroom of the bar last year.  Officer Aguilera says he was “in fear of his life” when he pointed the gun at the individual who filed a complaint with the Highland Police regarding the incident in September, 2017.   It is important to note that no charges were ever filed as a result of the police report below and that the statements contained herein are from a police report and are statements of the individuals involved in the case.   East Chicago Police Chief Frank Smith declined to comment on the incident.  It is unknown whether the incident was ever forwarded to Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter for review.

According to a report from the Highland Police Department, a patron of the establishment reported that he attempted to enter the restroom at Growler’s on September 14, 2017.  “Finding the door being held shut he states he pushed on it with somone on the other end shoving it back at him.  . . .[complainant]states then he then entered the restroom where he was shoved into the wall with a male hispanic pulling a pistol and shoving it in his face.”  According to the report, the complainant spoke to security at Growler’s regarding the incident “with the male hispanic departing the establishment with his group.”  The complainant then called Highland Police to the location because he “wished that the incident be document.”  Highland Police spoke with East Chicago officer Edgar Huerta who identified the males in the restroom as East Chicago Police officer David Aguilera and former East Chicago Police officer Edward Farfan.

The report is unclear as to when Aguilera arrived at the HIghland Police Department but at some point, a voluntary statement was taken from him.  “Mr. Auilera wished to report his side of the incident.  Mr. Aguilera reported that he and Mr. James Solorio were inside the men’s bathroom at Growler’s . . .looking after Mr. Farfan who was sick and throwing up.  Mr. Aguilera stated that he held the door closed while Mr. Solorio helped clean up Mr. Farfan’s vomit.  Mr. Aguilera stated that as he was holding the door shut, he felt someone push on it from the outside to which Mr. Aguilera stated “hold on, we are cleaning up real quick.”   Mr. Aguilera then stated that the unknown subject pushed the door with great enough force that it pushed him backwards into the wall causing a contusion.  Mr. Aguilera stated that the subject continued to increase the force on the door and on his head causing a great deal of pain to Mr. Aguilera’s head and body making it difficult to speak and breathe.  Mr. Aguilera stated that out of fear of his life and further harm he un holstered a personal owned pistol and pointed it at the subject in order for him to get off the door and remove his hand from Mr. Agulilera’s head.  The subject finally let go of Mr. Aguilera’s head and relieved the pressure from the door as the subject walked towards the front of the business.  Mr. Aguilera stated that as soon as the subject let go and left the bathroom he re holstered his weapon.  Mr. Aguilera exited the business with his friends after being sent on his way.”

The Gazette confirmed with East Chicago Police earlier today that Farfan was previously employed by the East Chicago Police Department and is no longer so employed.  Chief Frank Smith declined to comment on this incident but reiterated that David Aquilera was on vacation on May 19, 2018.

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