Highland Shooting Suspect Released from Custody as Investigation Continues

Unique Lake County rule requires Court to release a criminal defendant in 48 hours rather than 72 hours

May 21, 2018-As prosecutors continue to investigate a Saturday’s shooting incident outside a popular Highland bar, the clock ran out to file charges on the sole indivdidual remaining in custody. The Gazette reported exclusively on Saturday that one suspect had been released and is not expected to face charges.

According to a source close to the investigation, the second suspect, who we are not identifying because charges have not been filed, walked out of jail just after 7:30 a.m. today. No bond was necessary and there were no restrictions on the suspect as charges have not been filed. That is because of a unique rule which forces the Lake County Sheriff to release prisoners after just 48 hours instead of the usual 72 hours.

The story has now garnered national attention as the website “Blue Lives Matter” has picked up the story and run with the headline: “Off-Duty Cop Sees Altercation, Identifies Himself As Officer, Gets Shot In Head” While that is certainly a possible scenario, the facts of the case have not yet unfolded and the fact that no charges have been filed makes that cut and dry description of events increasingly unlikely.

Prosecutors can file charges at any time and would, at that time, issue an arrest warrant for the suspect. Highland Police worked tirelessly over the weekend to try to sort out multiple stories according to a source close to the investigation. Despite these extraordinary efforts, police had not gathered enough evidence to file charges as of 7:30 am. today.

We will keep you updated as to any additional developments in the case. This is an update to OFFICERS DOWN: Gary, EC Cop Shot Outside Highland Bar

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