Former 3rd in Command at LC Sheriff, Daniel Murchek, Enters Guilty Plea in Federal Court

Former Sheriff Candidate and Deputy Chief Daniel Murchek is the third highest ranking officer to be convicted in the Federal investigation into towing kickbacks under Sheriff John Buncich.

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May 21, 2018-The trifecta of convictions is now complete as Sheriff Buncich’s third in command officially entered his plea of guilty in Federal Court today. Daniel Murchek stood before Federal Magistrate John E. Martin and admitted to lying to FBI agents with regard to the “structuring” of campaign finance contributions.  These contributions were to the his own campaign as he began to prepare for a run for Sheriff after Buncich finished his second term.  Murchek had previously entered a written plea agreement a month ago.

According to the Plea Agreement, Murchek accepted contributions for his campaign for Sheriff from a towing operator knowing that the money was provided by “Individual A” and then lied to investigators about the source of those donations:

The case is significant because it is the first in the towing scandal that marks a contribution that was not to the Buncich Campaign.  The contributions in this case were made to the Murchek for Sheriff Campaign and not to the Buncich Boosters. 

Murchek could face up to 5 years in prison for making the false statement. 

Murchek resigned from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department on April 18, 2018.


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