Car Crashes into Calumet Avenue Building Causing Collapse

5900 calumet avenue building collapse
A Hammond Firefighter hoses down Calumet Avenue after a vehicle struck a building causing the building to collapse and debris to fall into the street.

May 19, 2018-A car crashed into a mixed-use building causing the building to collapse early this morning in the 5900 block of Calumet Avenue.  Hammond City Inspector Kelly Kearney says he was called to the scene at approximately 5:30 a.m.  after a vehicle struck the structure.  A main support beam failed according to Kearney, causing the building to simply collapse.  The building was occupied by several residential tenants and D&S Construction according to a sign which was previously on the building.  The building sits adjacent to the former Hammond Police garage.  The building will likely be demolished under an emergency order.

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