President Trump and VP Pence Visit Mishawaka

President Trump
President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence visit Mishawaka, Indiana

President Trump delivered a fiery speech to a capacity crowd of loyal supporters at Mishawaka North Side Middle School. Campaign rally delivers a preview of GOP positions for November elections: Economy, international relations and immigration


May 11, 2018-Supporters of President Donald Trump packed one of the largest gymnasiums in the State last night in Mishawaka.  The 7,300 seat stadium was filled to capacity as President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence rallied the faithful to support United States Senate Candidate Mike Braun.

president trump
Trump supporters filled the 7,300 seat Mishawaka North Side Stadium to the rafters

President Trump’s speech focused on three areas:  International relations, the economy and immigration.  Trump touted the economy as the cornerstone of his administration’s success.  “We have more unfilled jobs now than any time in history” Trump stated.  “African American unemployment is at an all time low, hispanic unemployment is at an all time low” President Trump bragged to the audience of supporters.

On internation relations, Trump pointed to North Korea and undoing the Iran Nuclear Agreement entered into by President Obama as key victories of his administration.  President Trump began his speech by saying that he met the three hostages released by North Korea at 2:00 a.m. and then flew back to the White House at 4:30 a.m.  “They told me I could cancel the Indiana trip  . . .I told them you don’t know the people of Indiana” Trump stated to deafening cheers.


When Trump touched on immigration, the crowd chanted “build that wall.”  President Trump contrasted the Democratic position on immigration.  “Just the other day, Keith Ellison marched in a shirt that said “I don’t believe in borders” the President stated.

The statements serve as a preview of GOP talking points for races which are sure to be hotly contested around the country. In his first appearance since winning a contested primary, US Senate Candidate Mike Braun was on hand to embrace the Trump platform. Braun will face off against 1 term incumbent US Senator Joe Donnelly.

A crowd of about 100 protesters gathered outside the event. Police blocked streets and kept protesters from clashing with Trump supporters.

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