Former Cal Twp Assessor Employee Pleads Guilty to Murdering Mother, Kidnapping Baby

Former employee of Calumet Township Assessor Jacquelyn Collins may have used assessor issued identification badge and identified herself as DCS worker to get victim to get into her car according to family members.

samantha j. rainey
Family members made t-shirts after the murder of Samantha J. Rainey. Photo provided.

May 4, 2018-A former Employee of Calumet Township Assessor Jacquelyn Collins admitted in open court today that she kidnapped a former Gary resident and her newborn child and later killed the mother. According to documents filed in the case, Geraldine Jones of Gary posed as a DCS caseworker to lure 23 year old Samantha J. Rainey-Fleming and her 17 day old child, Serenity into her car.  Jones travelled to Anderson, Indiana where she told Samantha that she was a DCS caseworker and that Samantha had missed a Court hearing.  Jones told Samantha that “it would look better” if she brought Serenity to court with her.

3 days after Samantha got into Jones’ vehicle, Madison, Indiana Police began a missing persons investigation.  Detectives travelled to Gary where they learned that Jones had called the victims mother from a blocked number,posing as a DCS worker in order to get Samantha’s current address.  Police traced the telephone number of the blocked call back to Jones according to sworn testimony in the case.    Police then went to Jones’ sister’s home where they encountered the sister and a small child.  Police determined that the child was Serenity.  A search of the home later turned up the bludgeoned body of 23 year old Samantha Rainey-Fleming.

In the Madison County Circuit Court, Jones today admitted to the facts of the case and pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and two counts of criminal confinement.  The Court accepted the plea and entered a judgment of guilty on the admitted counts.  The matter is set for sentencing on May 25, 2018.  The parties have agreed to a sentence of 30 years in prison.



  1. Disappointed in Our legal system. This monster pre-planned this murder. She knew when she took that young mother that she was not letting the baby or mother leave! Samantha was 23, had children and was taken from her family way too soon. The people who care about this case have followed for 3 long years and to be honest, 30 years is nothing! Sam did not get a choice. She did not get to live but this murder gets off with manslaughter! The victims deserve more respect then the monsters that chose to take lives and sadly our system treats them as if it were the other way around. This whole thing just makes me ill!! Premeditated murder should never be given a slap on the wrist!

  2. SHE should not even get a chance to get out life for a life them poor baby’s GOT TO live life with out their MOM this is so sad smdh

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