Hammond School Board to Present Information on $400M Building Needs Assessment

Staff at a majority of the schools including Gavit, Morton, Clark and Scott had complaints regarding security including the lack of ability to lock classroom doors from the inside.

When: 8:30 a.m. Saturday April 28, 2018
Where: School City of Hammond Administration Center
41 Williams Street, Hammond Indiana

April 27, 2018-The Hammond School Board will present highlights of a comprehensive building assessment prepared by Schmidt and Associates on behalf of the residents of Hammond. While Hammond residents paid for the study, school officials have held on to the information since November 2017 and have steadfastly refused to release details to the public. Through sources within the administration, the Gazette has learned that each of the 24 buildings in the district need millions of dollars in repairs due to deferred maintenance. The 5 newest elementary schools, all built less than 15 years ago, need a combined $32M in repairs or upgrades:

Two of the schools that need the most repairs are not even necessary for the core mission of the School City of Hammond.  The Area Career Center needs over $40,610,387.00 and is only 48% suitable for educational purposes according to information obtained by the Gazette.  Miller School, used only for pre-k, is 45% suitable for educational purposes and will require $9.3M in repairs.

While one of the most frequent complaints regarding the newer schools was “limited site size”, the School Board is pushing forward with a plan to rebuild Hammond High School on a site that is only 15 acres.  Schmidt and Associates notes that the minimum recommended site size for a school the size of Hammond High is 50 acres.



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