State Trooper, Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Honored for Saving Man

April 23, 2018-Indiana State Police honored a 2 year veteran trooper and a Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy for “extraordinary conduct and exemplary professionalism.” The award stemmed from a November, 2017 water rescue on Interstate 80 in Gary. According to the original statement regarding that incident, a car driven by Denise Towner of Gary was rear-ended by a hit and run driver. The vehicle flipped and came to rest in a ditch which had waist deep water in it leaving the driver at risk of drowning. “Upon their arrival, both officers immediately removed their duty belts, and entered the water to check on the well-being of Mrs. Towner and to attempt to remove her from the vehicle. It was determined by the officers that it was unsafe to attempt to roll the vehicle back to upright or break any windows in the vehicle as it could compromise the air pocket that Mrs. Towner was using to breathe. Gary Fire department personnel then entered the water with the Jaws of Life, and were able to safely remove Mrs. Towner from the vehicle. Mrs. Towner was then immediately transported to Northlake Hospital in Gary where she was treated for injuries from the crash. . The collective effort between agencies led to an efficient and successful rescue of Mrs. Towner.”

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