Chase Through Hammond Leads to Arrest of Illinois Man with Ankle Monitor

All suspets are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

April 22, 2018-Indiana State Police say that a traffic stop on the Indiana Toll Road led to a high speed chase which wound through Hammond.  According to a statement, Indiana State Trooper Alaa Hamed was on patrol near the 2.5 mile marker at 2:30 a.m. today when he saw a 2016 Chevrolet Impala going west bound in the middle lane at a high rate of speed.  Hamed initiated a traffic stop and the driver initially pulled over at the 1.2 mile marker the report continues.

As Trooper Hamed was talking to the driver, the driver fled the scene.  “Hamed returned to his police car and a pursuit ensued.  Traffic was light, roads were dry and weather was clear.  Speeds reached in excess of 100 mph.  The Impala exited off the Toll Road onto Indianapolis Boulevard (Blvd)/US 41 and made a right at the bottom of the ramp.  It went south to 110th Street, continued south where it switched to Calumet Avenue, still driving south it suddenly stopped, made a U-turn, and then went north bound until it made a right onto 121st Street.  Hamed lost sight of the Impala on 121st Street and ended the pursuit” the report continues.

Hamed searched the area and located the Impala coming out of an alley near Indianapolis Boulevard and 115th Street.  The report states that a pursuit began again but quickly ended when the driver ended up on Myrtle Avenue near 116th street which is a dead end.

That is when the foot pursuit began according to the statement.  “

Hamed pursued the driver on foot, telling the driver who he was, to stop running or he was going to be tased.   The driver jumped over a second fence with Hamed behind him.  After multiple warnings Hamed deployed his taser which was ineffective.  They continued running through a series of backyards.  After going over a third fence, the driver ran west bound across Myrtle Ave where Hamed caught and tackled him in a backyard of a residence and placed him in custody” the report continues.

Police say they found two separate 5 gram individual packaged baggies containing suspected marijuana. The driver was identified as Bernard R. Harrison, 35 of Chicago.

Hamed found $3,665.00 on Harrison who was also wearing an ankle monitor (on probation in Illinois for twenty-four months for an OWI).

Harrison was taken to Lake County Jail in Crown Point and charged with: Driving While Suspended, Resisting Law Enforcement with a Vehicle, Resisting Law Enforcement, Failure to Identify, Reckless Driving, Dealing and Possession of Marijuana.

Hammond and Whiting Police assisted in the pursuit and arrest.  All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.  A criminal charge is not evidence of guilt.

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  1. Great job,Trooper Hamed! Hammond and Whiting Police,too. Now keep this Nice Illinois Good Grief Even Ran from the law person locked up until he can’t do it again…about 100 years!

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