A Correction and An Apology to Mike Brown, His Campaign and Our Readers

Mike Brown says his campaign video was shot in a library, not in his office,  and I accept that.  He still has not commented on the meeting in his office with his treasurer on Friday and never returned calls for information regarding his role in RSR Demolitions.



April 22, 2018-The Gazette wishes to apologize to Lake County Clerk Mike Brown, his campaign and our readers. Yesterday we stated that Mike Brown filmed a campaign video in his office. On Friday, we reported that Mike Brown held a meeting in his office with his campaign treasurer. This meeting lasted 48 minutes and after the meeting, an employee of Brown’s escorted the treasurer to the sceond floor near the Election Board office. The two spent at least twenty minutes near the election Board office. Brown has not commented on this. We called Brown’s office and cell phone numbers on Friday and received no response.

Immediately after posting the article regarding the meeting with his campaign treasurer, we received a message from a gazette reader who had provided solid information in the past stating that Brown had used his office for a campaign commercial. I chose to go with the article based on the information at hand and the lack of a return call.

A few years ago I ran into Mike Brown in the hallway at the Lake County Government Center. At that time I asked him about his role in RSR Demolitions-a company that has numerous contracts with several municipal entities. Brown stated he would answer that question if I made an appointment. After numerous attempts to make an appointment I gave up trying. To this date, questions still linger in the minds of many as to his current and former role in RSR Demolitions. Perhaps one day those questions will be answered.

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