While Former Sheriff Candidate is in Court, Current Sheriff Candidate is Meeting in His Office with Campaign Treasurer

Election Board sign in sheet showing that Trent A. McCain filed the CFA-4 for Mike Brown while I was requesting a public record.

April 20, 20180-In what appears to be a brazen flick of the middle finger at the law, Lake County Sheriff Candidate Mike Brown spent at least an hour of time today meeting with his campaign treasurer in the Lake County Government Center.  The Gazette ran into Brown’s treasurer Trent McCain at approximately 11:20 today.  McCain filed the Campaign Finance Report for the committee Citizens to Elect Mike Brown at 11:22 a.m.   McCain then proceeded directly to Mike Brown’s office where he as greeted and ushered into the office at 11:31 a.m.  At one point, Brown could be seen coming out of his office and, it appeared, he removed something from the printer.  At 12:19 p.m.  After the meeting, an employee of the Clerk’s Office escorted McCain upstairs and stood near the elevator with McCain for an extended period of time.

When confronted McCain stated he just stopped in to Brown’s office to say hello.  The statement strains credulity as the document above indicates the campaign finance report was filed moments before he appeared to meet with Brown.  While such campaign violations are unlikely to result in criminal charges, the fact that it happened at the very same time that former Sheriff Candidate Dan Murchek appeared in Federal Court on corruption charges really should make voters take note of the brazen and entitled attitudes which are demonstrated by our elected officials.  One certainly has to ask whether a candidate who is so loose with the law deserves the job he has, let alone the job of top law enforcement officer.


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