SOURCE: More Indictments in Lake County Towing Scandal Soon

April 19, 2018-A source close to the investigation revolving around towing contracts in Lake County says one or more indictments are expected very soon.  The scandal wich sent former Sheriff and Lake County Party Chair john Buncich to prison for over 15 years was widely expected to cast a wider net than it has so far.  In public filings, Buncich alleged that the FBI had unsuccessfully attempted to get a cooperating witness to bribe Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson on multiple occasions.  Given that revelation, many wondered whether other elected officials were also targeted.  In addition, numerous towing companies may have been involved in the pay-to-play scheme as well as other Buncich loyalists.

Buncich was convicted after a jury trial and is appealing his conviction and his sentence.   While the case was ostensibly about pay-to-play towing contracts, Assistant United States Attorney Phil Benson made a case that the scheme may have cost lives in Lake County.   Among the more shocking revelations in the case was that Buncich put the gang unit on day shift so that they could tow more cars.  The move came at a time when the unit was on the brink of making major arrests according to testimony in the trial and sentencing hearing.   “We’re the f_ing tow police” a gang unit member was quoted as saying.

We will keep you posted as to any developments which may arise in the case.

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