NIRPC Executive Board to Admonish RDA . . .AGAIN

Gary Activist Jim Nowacki received an ovation from the NIRPC Executive Board as he brought the scheduling conflict to the attention of the Board.

April 19, 2018-For the second time, the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) will send a formal letter to the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA) asking them to schedule their meetings at times that do not conflict.  Jim Nowacki addressed the Executive Board of NIRPC, comprised of local elected officials from Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties, and explained that the RDA had once again scheduled a meeting that conflicted with the NIRPC schedule  RDA had originally scheduled their meeting for April 12, 2018 but then re-scheduled it without providing a reason.  The NIRPC Executive Board cheered Nowacki as he brought the scheduling conflict to their attention.  Ulitmately, the Board voted to send another letter asking RDA to avoid scheduling their meetings at the same time as NIRPC.

NIRPC is the metropolitan planning organization for northwest Indiana.  As such, they are responsible for planning and coordinating all federal projects in Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties.  the Executive Board is made up of representatives from each of the municipalities within the area.  RDA is primarily responsible for overseeing State funding for the West Lake Corridor and South Shore Double tracking projects including transit oriented development around the stations.  The overlapping roles of the two Boards makes it important that residents wishing to understand what is happening in Lake County attend both meetings.  Scheduling them at the same time makes that impossible.



  1. Yea, I sorta like the RDA wanting to give Hanna’s a $100,000 of tax dollars to pay for his education debt.

    These clowns have got to go.

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