Randy Palmateer Hosted Republican Christian Jorgensen Fundraiser

Establishment Republicans and Establishment Democrats come together to support raising YOUR taxes


April 15, 2018-Union Leader Randy Palmateer and the Northwest Indiana Building and Trades Council recently hosted a fundraising event for Republican Candidate Christian Jorgensen of Dyer. Jorgensen is challenging incumbent Eldon Strong for the 7th district Lake County Council Seat. Palmateer currently serves as campaign manager for Incumbent County Commissioner Kyle Allen and is the Democratic controlled Lake County Council appointee to the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority.  According to the invitation obtained by the Gazette a “host” was required to donate at least $2,000 to the Committee to Elect Christian Jorgensen.

Palmateer, a Board Member on the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority, has been busy pushing the Lake County Food and Beverage Tax in order to build a convention center in Merrillville. On Friday, One Region took yet another bus tour promoting possible locations for the convention center as soon as they get their tax plan implemented.

Meanwhile, Palmateer again made headlines when he was accused of battering a county employee at a local restaurant last week. Palmateer’s lawyer has reportedly denied the charges and Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter referred the matter to a special prosecutor due to the political clout of Palmateer. Palmateer has been a controversial figure for years and most recently made headlines when he tried to invoke the name of Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott during a traffic stop. Palmateer was arrested and charged with operating while intoxicated. The charge was ultimately reduced and revealed that the Lake Station Court was not reporting drunken driving offenses to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The case resulted in a change of policy by Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter.





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  1. Must be nice to do this. Got to go Gamba Ristorante on the union members dime too!
    Yes, typical Lake County politics once again!

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