Baby Left in “Safe Haven” Box in Cool Springs

April 8, 2018-The Gazette confirmed that a baby was surrendered in a Baby Safe Haven Baby Box located at the Coolspring Volunteer Fire Department near Michigan City, Indiana. At approximately 7:06PM tonight, a dispatch was sent out which stated that a medical alarm was activated at the Cool Springs Volunteer Fire Department. The Cool Springs Volunteer Fire Department was the first location in the State to install a Safe Haven Baby Box. tweeted:

On the heels of S.B. 340 being signed last month to allow Safe Haven Baby Boxes to be installed throughout Indiana, we have some more good news! Baby Number two was saved tonight in Michigan City in the La Porte County Baby Box. The newborn appeared to be in good health. Thankfully, as hard a decision this was for the mother, she made a beautiful choice for her child. We will have more information as it comes available as well as a statement from the organization. We are working harder than ever to have our Baby boxes placed not only further into the state of Indiana, but nationwide as well, with the first one to be installed in Ohio later this month. We do this without funding from state or federal agencies, but through the strength of our supporters and followers, like yourself. We thank you for you support thus far, and in the future. With your help, we will continue our mission. To God Be the Glory. #SafeHavenBabyBoxes #SAFEHAVENAWARENESS #UntilAbandonmentsNoLongerHappen #nationwideby2020

In November, 2017 another child was placed in the same Safe Haven Baby Box located at the Cool Springs Volunteer Fire Department.

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