POLICE: Robertsdale Homicide was Machine Gun Sale Gone Bad

Photo by Paul Goddard, SVL Media, LLC all rights reserved


April 8, 2018-Hammond Police say that a shooting incident that occurred in Hammond’s Robertsdale neighborhood last night appears to have been a machine gun sale gone bad.   Police were called to the 1500 block of Myrtle Street at approximately 9:30 pm according to an earlier report.  Residents reported hearing multiple gunshots in the area at that time.  Upon arrival, police discovered two gunshot victims standing in front of a truck in the street.

According to Lt. Steven Kellogg, “Detectives believe that the men met over the purchase of a Mac 10 machine gun and gun fire was exchanged between them.” Kellogg stated that police are currently investigating gang involvement in the incident.

Kellogg also identified the two individuals who were shot:

Victim 1: Derrell Mclaurin-Mcnutt, approximately 20 years old, shot in the leg and currently hospitalized.
Victim 2: Elijah Nolan, age 19, shot in the head and deceased.
Anyone with additional information about this case should contact Det. Joe Munoz at the Hammond Police Dept. 219-852-2906.



  1. Jr’s asleep at the wheel, gang tagging increased all over hammond.

    harkins graffiti now run by jr’s ineffective management team…

  2. Project Rebuild Grad Dead at 19

    Reminds me of another rehabilitated offender; Rufus Averhart, Jr.!
    Rufus was released early from the Indiana state pen on a setence for manslaughter, only to murder Gary Police Lt. George Yaros on 11 Aug 1981 during the commission of a robbery of the Glen Park branch of the Gary National Bank.

    What either of these criminals were doing out on the streets at all is a valid question?

    G. David Yaros

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