Kim Robinson Sued-Employee Alleges Political Firing

Former Calumet Township Employee Marsha Moore alleges she was fired for supporting Mary Elgin in the 2014 election.

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April 5, 2018-A former Calumet Township employee has filed suit in US District Court for the Northern District of Indiana alleging that she was wrongfully terminated by Trustee Kimberly Robinson. It is important to note that allegations contained in a Complaint are merely the statements that the person suing hopes to prove in court. In this case, Marsha Moore alleges that she was terminated from a position she held since 1990 because she supported former Trustee Mary Elgin in the prior election in violation of her First Amendment rights as well as her right to Freedom of Association. Moore additionally alleges that she was not given a pre-termination hearing and she says that constitutes a denial of due process.

The Complaint was filed as former Trustee Mary Elgin’s employees Ethel Shelton and Alex Wheeler go to trial regarding allegations that they forced employees to campaign on behalf of Elgin. Regardless of the outcome of this case, above, taxpayers are on the hook for the political hirings and firings which occur every day in Lake County. Last week Lake County Commissioner Mike Repay terminated a Cantrell connected employee who reportedly is threatening to sue Lake County taxpayers.

Robinson has garnered a lot of negative publicity in her first term in office including the now famous taxpayer funded Aruba trip as well as taking a pay raise for herself and close political allies on her first day in office. Board Member Clorius Lay alleged at the time that the pay raises were not authorized by the Board.

You can see the complete Complaint below:


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