BREAKING: Man Shot While Driving on Hohman Avenue

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Sue Marie contributed to this post

April 1, 2018-Just after 10:00 pm tonight a man reported that he was shot in the arm while stopped at a light on Hohman Avenue. Police and EMS responded to the intersection of Hohman and Douglas, which is directly in front of Franciscan St. Margaret Hospital. Neither the condition nor the identity of the victim are known at this time. Officers saturated the area and stopped several vehicles but it is unknown at this time if any arrests were made.

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  1. Gangs have tagged a number of buildings in this area. Someone at city hall is asleep and could care less unless its about a deal where he can make some money for himself and his friends.

  2. Gangs have tagged a number of buildings with in the last month. The guy at city hall could care less, busy making money for himself and his friends.

  3. Building being tagged, ya think someone would take the hint.

    From time to time you hear gun fire in the area, someone shot in front of St. Margaret’s, now ya got cops on every corner. Sounds like banging was increasing & no big deal business as usual.

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