Gov. Holcomb Announces Special Session to Deal with Unfinished Business

Republican super-majority failed to address crucial school safety and tax issues. House Bill 1315-Gary School Board bill-is expected to be back on the agenda.

March 19, 2018-As expected, Governor Eric Holcomb announced a special legislative session today to deal with the failure of the Republican super-majority to get the job done during the regular legislative session. Republican leaders cited a meltdown by State Representative Ed Soliday of Valparaiso as one of the primary reasons crucial school safety legislation could not be passed in the final days of the session. The special session will occur sometime in May and is expected to reconcile Indiana law with changes in federal tax law as well as address school issues.

Indiana Democratic Party Chair John Zody expectedly slammed the Republicans for not getting the job done during the regular session:

“Governor Eric Holcomb’s special session is the $30,000/day cherry on top of Republicans’ ineptly-managed, visionless legislative session. Republican leadership incompetently steered session into a wall on the last lap. Now they’re asking taxpayers to foot the bill for another shot at passing their do-nothing agenda.

“Republicans couldn’t see fit to competently manage a process that would have increased school safety, while at the same time telling Hoosier children in the DCS system that they weren’t a high enough priority to warrant legislative action during session. It looks out-of-touch and like Republicans are trying to have it both ways. One thing is certain, lawmakers shouldn’t make vacation plans in June. If Holcomb wants to avoid being tagged a hypocrite, he’ll be calling lawmakers back to address the crisis at the Department of Child Services.”

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