Former Owner of Games Inn, Hobart Charged With Child Molesting

EDITOR’S NOTE: A prior version of this story did not say former owner. We apologize for the error.

Police received an anonymous tip stating that there may be more victims. Anyone with information regarding this matter is urged to contact the Hobart Police Department

Photo Source: Hobart Police Department
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David Jackson

March 15, 2018-Hobart Police say they have secured charges of child molesting against a 47 year old former owner of a local business . According to a statement from Hobart Police, “the allegations made are disheartening to the community as a whole, due to Mr. Jackson owning a business, which specifically caters to juveniles. The allegations can be interpreted as such that Mr. Jackson opened his business purely to satisfy is own personal desires at the expense of innocent children.” Mr. Jackson operated Games Inn, 301 Center Street, Hobart.

As of the writing of this article, the Facebook Page for Games Inn has been disabled. Photos on other sites, including Yelp, include photos of children of varying ages sitting at tables playing games inside the business. (see )

According to the statement, Jackson is currently charged with one count of child molestation and one count of sexual misconduct with a minor. That incident was reported by the child’s mother according to police. “On March 8, 2018, a 14 year old juvenile victim and her parents came to the Hobart Police Department, the juvenile victim told investigators that for the last year, she and her parents have been going to Games Inn, located at 301 Center Street. She explained that her family had become close with the owner, who she identified as David Jackson and his family. She explained that while she was at Games Inn, David took her and her family downstairs, so he could show them his 3D printer and how it worked. She stated after he was done showing how it worked, everyone went back upstairs and she stayed in the basement with David and he subsequently kissed her and hugged her. She explained that David has done this for the past year and kissing and touching had become more frequent and intimate. The juvenile explained that this started when she was 13 years old and continued after she turned 14” the statement reads.

Police say an anonymous tip to a privately operated tip line leads them to believe there may be more victims. “The Hobart Police Department had also received an anonymous tip from “We Tip” crime line, which is a independent third party crime tip line and not affiliated with Law Enforcement. The tip specifically named David Jackson and another male, approximately 47 years of age, and it alleged that David and this other male were engaging in sexual misconduct with minors and sexual assault inside of Game Inn in the upstairs apartment. The tip didn’t specify any victim(s) in particular or when the assaults occurred” the report continues.

“The Hobart Police Department is committed to ensuring that situations involving abuse to juveniles are thoroughly investigated, we have a Social Worker, who is assigned to the Detective Bureau and who can assist us with interviews and offer resources to victims. It is important that if anyone else who has patronized the Game Inn and had any inappropriate contact with Mr. Jackson or the other 47 year old male should report it to the Hobart Police Department.”

The Hobart Police Department urged parents to learn the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse by visiting The Mayo Clinic Child Abuse Signs and Symptoms page.


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