Iranian women risk arrest: Daughters of the revolution

By Homa Hoodfar, Professor of Anthropology, Emerita, Concordia University. Thousands of Iranian women took to the streets to protest against the hijab law in Tehran in the spring of 1979. A women’s movement has recently taken hold in Iran. Hengameh Golestan In the lead-up to March 8, I am sometimes asked whether we really still need…

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  1. Doc, The world at large considers Iran and its proxies to be the “Bully of the Middle East. Therefore to prevent being bullied, smaller groups are keeping “Big Buddies on the ground to protect them from Iranian violence. Most notably: – Northern Kurdish-Syrians / U.S. – Northern Sunni-Syrians / Turkey – Southern Syrians / Israel As long as violent Iranian bullies have free reign in Syria, the need for “Big Buddies makes it effectively impossible to bring Syria back together as a coherent whole. On the other hand, Putin and Assad could run negotiations that would gradually ease the violent bully Iran and its proxies out of Syria. As the threat of Iranian violence diminishes, the “Big Buddies of the various Syria factions can also be negotiated out of the country. The end result would be a coherent, potentially prosperous, Syrian nation. _____________ As a side note: Much is being made of the recent engagement between mercenaries employed by ChVK Wagner and Syrian Kurdish forces with U.S. support. While ChVK Wagner does have its primary site in Russia, they recruit troops of any nationality skilled in Soviet/Russian combat doctrine and take contracts from parties unrelated to the Russian government. The funding and orders that precipitated the ChVK Wagner engagement are still murky, but at this point appear to lead back to Iran.

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