Steel City Academy, Residents Have Contentious Meeting with Maya Energy Principals Regarding Recycling Facility

“It’s Very Important That You Speak Up Now”-Hoosier Environment Council Attorney Sam Henderson referring to the March 12, 2018 deadline to provide public comment regarding the Maya Energy recycling facility proposal.

View the full video below, we will have more on this tomorrow.


  1. Pretty shady characters behind that white guy i think its Jimmy Ventura from EC or Whiting it was in a report in 2016 a address him as attorney Jimmy V which we all no he is not attorney he an activist sits at most of EC council always steering up trouble its a scam business we checked for attnorys of Jimmy V and nothing in the Midwest his sons have bought houses in gary but couldn’t pay the taxes he needs to b confronted about his profession

  2. Check out that guy that says he’s an attorney for Maya company which he is not he just hangs out EChicago council meeting and complains these r some pretty shady people something’s not rite theres not 1 attorney with that name in the whole midwest he lives in a run down apartment in e c

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