EXCLUSIVE: Mayor McDermott Ordered to Shave Head by Judge

Mayor McDermott, Ken Davidson of the NWI Gazette and Tony Panek of WJOB Need your support to raise money for childhood cancer research

In 2017 Mayor McDermott raised over $2500 for childhood cancer research

Februry 28, 2017-When Mayor McDermott could not attend the annual St. Baldrick’s fundraiser, a higher authority stepped in and arranged for him to participate in the event on his weekly radio show. Judge Marissa McDermott spoke with the Gazette and encouraged the Mayor to get his hair cut on the his weekly radio show rather than forego the event. Mayor McDermott first balked at the idea realizing he could not match the $2500 in donations he received last year with just a few days to go. Now we are reaching out to Hammond residents to help him out. On Friday at 7:30 a.m. Mayor McDermott and I will both get our heads shaved in order to help children with cancer. The link to donate to the Mayor, to me and to WJOB Producer Tony Panek are all listed below. Tony Panek will get his hair cut at the Cavalier Inn on Saturday March 3, 2018. That event will also be livestreamed on WJOB.

You can dontate to Mayor McDermott by clicking here

You can donate to Ken Davidson by clicking here

You can dontate to Tony Panek by clicking here”“>

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