Felony Charges for Griffith Student who Threatened to “Shoot You All Down”

Griffith Police say student threatened other Griffith High School as well as individual students via social media platform “Snapchat”


February 23, 2018-Griffith Police have announced that felony intimidation charges have been filed against  a 19 year old former Griffith High School Student.  In a written release, Police said Torin Dillon,  was found to have threatened to, “shoot you all down” via Snap Chat while school was in session.  “The threats against Griffith Schools located at 600 N Wiggs St, as well as the person who received the threats, were made on February 6th, 2018” the statment reads.  Dillon faces two counts of intimidation and an arrest warrant has been issued.  According to Court records, Dillon is not yet in custody.

“The offense was viewed by witnesses who were able to record it before it was deleted. Witnesses eventually reported it to police on February 20, 2018. In the Snap Chat photos and videos was the suspect who was recognized by witnesses and the Griffith School Resource Officer. He is seen driving by the school and his heard saying, “Bit****, shoot you all down” then, “Yeah, nig**, old stomping grounds, I’ll shoot this whole sh** up, I don’t give no f***”. He is then seen with the words posted on the screen, “Gas lill bihh” the statement continues.

The charges come just two days after an 18 year old student was arrested after bringing a gun to school.

All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.  A criminal charge is not evidence of guilt.






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