OPINION: Donny Boy, Jackie Sutton and the Sad State of Affairs in Lake County, Indiana

Don Babcock is making headlines for yet another stupid statement . . . when will people hold accountable the politicians who provide Babcock with a platform?

February 18, 2018-NIPSCO’s Don Babcock is at it again. This time he berated the City of Hammond for having a rat as a mascot for 219 day. Gazette readers will recall that 3 years ago Babcock was the author of a One Region/Times hit piece in which he derided opponents of the Slager/Visclosky Regional Transformation Plan as “naysayers” and invited them to “get on board or get out.” The strong language from the Community Civility Counts folks is not only hypocritical, it is dangerous.

Now we find that the Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez has used police, prosecutor and court resources to ferret out the names behind a fake facebook account which was critical of him and other Lake County elected officials. (See Lake Sheriff Says Jackie Sutton Political Posts May be Criminal) There was no crime, but law enforcement utilized the court system to determine those who they deemed “uncivil.” This is simply the logical conclusion of the Community Civility Counts movement. NIPSCO, One Region and The Times are free to run around and say Civility Counts until they are blue in the face. That is their right. Unfortunately, they chose to go to the Indiana Legislature and local city and town councils to ask them to pass a resolution which stated that citizens have been “uncivil.” We have allowed One Region officials into our schools to tell your children that civility is more important than the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

In the coming weeks we will be pointing out those politicians who have taken money from the deplorable corporate monopoly that is NIPSCO. We will also point out those who are on the One Region bandwagon. We hope that everyone will consider this an assault on free speech as they head to the polls this May and November. The Slager/Visclosky plan is not about a train, it is about a way to control the populace and there is no greater threat to our representative government than those individuals behind the plan-Visclosky, Holcomb, Slager, Soliday and their financiers NIPSCO and Community Foundation.

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