McDermott to Sheriff Candidate Dowling: I Will Kick Your Ass

In his weekly radio show, Mayor McDermott addressed allegations that Sheriff Candidate David Dowling was among those using a fake Facebook account that called hammond a shithole

EDITOR’S NOTE: The allegation that David Dowling was associated with the fake Jackie Sutton Facebook account came from leaked investigatory documents which were published in The Times of Northwest Indiana. David Dowling has denied being associated with the Jackie Sutton Facebook account. The Gazette has not seen the documents and makes no claim as to the authenticity or veracity of the leaked documents.

Video courtesy of the Committee to Re-Elect Thomas M. Mcdermott, Jr Used with permission, all rights reserved in original copyright holder

February 19, 2018-On his weekly radio show on Friday, Mayor McDermott addressed allegations that Sheriff Candidate David Dowling and his wife Katie Dowling may be associated with a fake Facebook profile that was critical of elected officials. The controversy began last week when The Times of Northwest Indiana reported that they had received confidential court records which were obtained via a criminal investigation into the matter. Sheriff Oscar Martinez confirmed to the Gazette that an investigation had taken place and the Jackie Sutton Facebook account had been accessed by at least 4 individuals. Mayor McDermott has identified those individuals as Sheriff Candidate David Dowling, his wife Katie Dowling, political operative Bob Cantrell, and wannabe political operative Gilbert Gutierrez. (See Lake Sheriff Says Jackie Sutton Facebook Posts May be Criminal)

McDermott focused on several comments which painted the City of Hammond in a disparaging light including calling Hammond a “shithole.” In apparent campaign combat mode, McDermott called on Candidate Dowling to come to Hammond. “I can’t wait to see you come to Hammond, because I am going to kick your ass every chance I get.” Later in the show, Mayor McDermott made it very clear that he was not advocating physical violence but was speaking metaphorically in terms of the campaign. “You are not physicall threatening this guy . . .?” WJOB caller “Mad Mac” asked. In response, McDermott clarified “I meant politics, I am going to kick his big butt.”

McDermott went on to point out that the revelations regarding the relationship between Federally convicted Cantrell and the incoming Sheriff are “unseemly”:

“The big thing to me was a guy running for Lake County Sheriff and a federally convicted felon are posting to the same fake profile so he’s [Dowling] is working in close alliance with a guy who went to federal prison for corruption . . .for government corruption?”

McDermott went on to address the allegation that a Crown Point Schools IP Address was allegedly used in the social media postings. “I thought cyber bullying was a big thing in schools” McDermott stated.

Kevin Smith demonstrated just how wide and deep the Lake County swamp is when he chimed that Cantrell was “traditionally with the Republican Party in East Chicago.”

You can see the full video from the WJOB Facebook Live broadcast below:


  1. Took a look at the video. Says McDermott; “I don’t care what they say! It doesn’t bother me.” Really? Of course you do Tom. You care so much that you said it became your purpose on earth to get a type of revenge against the authors. Vindictive? Check. Temperamental? Check. Skittish? Check. What posts did Tom McDermott remove from his Facebook account? Why did he remove them? Did he write something that he simply regretted, or something that he later realized compromised him legally?

  2. Let’s not make too much of Cantrell being with the Republican Party. What Republican Party in East Chicago? It was all a manipulation and strategy to pick electoral winners and losers, and take those decisions out of the hands of voters. Cantrell left the Republican about the same time Tom McDermott did. When asked, everyone would wink before denying Cantrell worked to elect Tom mayor. Who was McDermott’s law partner? Cantrell’s son. When Cantrell was being tried, McDermott was complimentary of him and said Cantrell was a family man and stand up guy. They are all in the same swamp.

  3. Whaaaat? Jr tossing garbage at Cantrel? Jr should be kissing the ground Cantrel walks on!

    Didn’t Cantrel help Jr initially get elected? Absolutely!

    Didn’t Jr help grease the way for Cantrel’s job with North Township as pay back for Cantrel’s help? Absolutely!

    Didn’t Jr reward Cantrel helping he secure several public dole jobs, giving Cantrel a income of over $200,000 a year? Absolutely!

    And Jr’s gonna kick Cantrel’s ass! Jr’s fat ass couldn’t go two rounds in a ring with a 12 year old.

  4. When candidates recently post they do not have criminals working their campaign. THAT IS A COMPLETE lie. I know some first hand information.

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