Whiteout Conditions Gridlock I-80/94 in Lake County

State Police report numerous crashes includind a 17 car pileup. Morning Rush Hour Sure to be a Mess

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February 4, 2018-A winter storm swept the area today leaving traffic throughout the region gridlocked. Indiana State Police reported numerous crashes, including a 17 car pileup at the 7.2 mile marker and a 13 car pileup at the 6.2 mile marker of east bound I-80/94. Troopers Brian White and Lionel Douglas responded to each scene. Troopers are still being dispatched to crashes along I-80 as this news release is being distributed. Minor injuries were reported, thankfully none serious. The road closure at the 7.2 mile marker involved 4 separate crashes that included 17 vehicles. This resulted in the roadway being closed for an extended period of time. Several of the vehicles were relocated to a truck stop on Burr Street where the crash reports were taken in order to get the roadway open sooner. I-80/94 has since been reopened and traffic is moving slowly. The crash at the 6.2 mile marker involved 13 cars that were involved in 7 individual crashes. Many of the crashes that Troopers responded to today could have been avoided had drivers reduced their following distances as well as their speeds. So far today, Troopers have covered 26 crashes and 6 slide offs that didn’t require a crash report.

Gazette Contributor, Dave’s Weather Eye is predicting that another storm tomorrow will bring an additional 3.1 to 6.2 inches of snow to the region. Use caution and allow extra time as you commute to work in the morning.

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