Alleged Murderer on the Loose Charged with Armed Robbery in Hessville

Cadarrow Patten-White was released by Judge Clarence Murray and was wearing a court-ordered ankle monitoring device when police say he forced a man into an alley at gunpoint and robbed him of his iPhone.

10/7/2015-Cadarrow Patten-White is charged with murder as a result of a shooting incident which occurred in East Chicago on July 1, 2015.

3/10/2016-Bond reduced to $75,000/$7,500 surety.

4/4/2016-Less than 30 days after entering bond, Magistrate Natalie Bokota reduces bond to $65,000.$6,500.

9/6/2016-Judge Clarence Murray continues scheduled jury trial due to “congested docket.” Reduces bond to $50,000/$5,000

1/9/2017-Judge Clarence Murray vacates Jan. 16, 2017 jury trial date at request of Defendant, orders Defendant released on his own recognizance. Makes clear in Order that “Defendant is not under house arrest.” ICU Court Monitoring at public expense is ordered.

December 6, 2017-Patten-White allowed to travel to Illinois to “obtain transcript.”

December 15, 2017-Man forced into alley in 6800 block of Kentucky Street, Hammond and robbed of his iPhone 7. Police chase suspect and determine that vehicle involved is registered to Cadarrow Patten-White.

January 17, 2018-Judge Clarence Murray allows Cadarrow Patten-White to travel to Illinois for a funeral.

January 30, 2018-Hammond Police charge Cadarrow Patten-White with armed robbery, confinement, battery with a deadly weapon and intimidation

February 2, 2018-Police say that a man who was released from jail with pending murder charges committed an armed robbery in Hammond’s Hessville section on December 15, 2017. 23 year old Cadarrow Patten-White was charged on January 30, 2018 with armed robbery and confinement as a result of an incident which occurred in the 6800 block of Kentucky Street in Hammond. Police used the court-ordered ankle monitoring device to track Patten-White to the scene of the armed robbery.

According to Court records, shown above, Judge Clarence Murray released Patten-White in January 2017. The Order clearly stated that Patten-White “was not on house arrest” even though he was charged with murder. Even more astounding, after the armed robbery was committed, after Police had identified Patten-White’s vehicle as the car that fled the scene of the robbery, a Lake Superior Court Judge granted Patten-White’s request to leave the state. According to court records, Patten-White appeared in Court on January 17, 2018 and was granted leave to attend a funeral out of state despite being a suspect in the armed robbery and a defendant in the murder charge.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed in the case, a Hammond man was walking to a friend’s house in the early evening hours of December15, 2017. While walking near the 6800 block of Kentucky Street, an unknown subject approached him and asked what he was carrying. When he replied that he had an iPhone 7, the unknown subject “pointed a firearm at him and ordered him to go into the alley of 6800 Kentucky Avenue. . . .” At one point, the unknown subject threatened to shoot the man because he was not responding quickly enough. The suspect then took the iPhone and fled in a Lincoln Town Car.

An officer in the area of 165th and Kentucky then saw a Lincoln Town Car heading east on 165th Street. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle but the vehicle fled toward 169th; ultimately heading into Gary and crashing at the NAPA Auto Store just east of Cline Avenue on 15th Avenue in Gary. The driver of the vehicle eluded police. Police traced the owner of the vehicle and determined it was registeredt to Cadarrow Patten-White who was currently on ICU Court Monitoring as a result of current charges. Police towed the vehicle and found a .45 Caliber semi-automatic handgun and the iPhone7 belonging to the victim. Police then used records from ICU Court Monitoring to trace Patten-White’s travel from his home, to the scene and back to his home in Gary.

Patten-White is being held without bond in the Lake County Jail . . . for now.


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