BREAKING: LC Deputy and K-9 Injured in High Speed Chase


January 25, 2018-A high speed chase that began at approximately 8:30 a.m. today on south Calumet Avenue in Cedar Lake just ended moments ago at 92nd and May in Chicago. The vehicle just stopped and the occupants surrendered without incident. The vehicle is a commercial vehicle with the words “Good Year” written on the side. The vehicle is believed to be stolen. According to information derived from the scanner and confirmed through a source, one Lake County K-9 Officer was rushed to an emergency veterinarian after being struck by a vehicle during the chase.

UPDATE: Emiliano Perez, spokesperson for Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez confirmed that a Lake County Sheriff’s Police Officer and a K-9 Officer were struck by a vehicle near I-94 and 159th Street. Neither the identity nor the condition of the officers are known at this time. Perez also confirmed that the chase started at 133rd and Calumet Avenue in Cedar Lake, Indiana when the plate to the vehicle “came back stolen.”

This is a breaking story, we will update you with the condition of the K-9 Officer and any other details as they become available. NBC 5 Chicago has video coverage of the chase.

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