Soliday, Brown, Harris, Smith Team Up to Push for Landfills in Gary

House Bill 1318 would allow landfill in Gary next to existing homes despite statewide mandate that there be a 1/2 mile buffer between homes and sanitary landfill. If they can do it in Gary, what will keep them from doing it in your community?

January 24, 2018-A bill set to be heard in the Indiana House of Representatives would allow polluters to construct a landfill anywhere within the City of Gary. House Bill is an amendement to a law intended to separate residences and landfills. The bill likely is aimed at reopening the J-Pit in Gary’s Black Oak section but also would allow polluters to establish construction/demolition landfills in any area of the City. Gary consultant Bo Kemp has repeatedly pushed for reopening the J-Pit as a landfill.

Valparaiso Republican Ed Soliday signed on as co-author of the bill yesterday, virtually assuring its passage in the Republican Supermajority House of Representatives. The bill is scheduled to be heard by the House Committee on Environmental Affairs today at 10:30 a.m. You an view the committee hearing on the House Environmental Affairs Committee page.


  1. Why would they do this? What logical reason besides being able to use our city as a landfill for the surrounding areas does this represent? It doesn’t… They are literally showing how much they don’t give a fuck about black people and this happens constantly across America. First they don’t fund our schools and say forget their infrastructure, now they are literally throwing garbage on us. I know multiple cities and towns that will ticket you if you have property that is an “eye sore” and all of those areas are mainly caucasian people. WHY is it ok in our areas? This is one of the greatest examples that I can think of at this moment that shows in this day and age that most white people and government is still racist and they put blacks in the situation they are in and literally fight to keep their lie going. They’ve lied to the world, the media and even some of their own people All I know is I know for a fact that there are people in this city, that are going to take a lot of things back by for, not including me. They are a big group and I don’t doubt if they are connected to other groups in other cities but if they are here, they are everywhere. White people are cowards and make up excuses for themselves but everything someone else says, even if fact, is an excuse…

    I’m mixed and I will never forget what my white granny told me… “White people will never take accountability for their actions and they will always blame someone else”. Also “White people will always debate you, even if they agree with you”. I found this to be horribly true and unusually strange for people to suppress the natural good thoughts and sympathy that most people have and are taught from an early age. Throwing garbage next to our city just because you feel it’s desolate or destroyed doesn’t mean it’s OK. I’m POSITIVE no one who voted on this lives anywhere near Gary.

    Why is it Americans constantly talk about how great this country is but every law passed, everything voted on is a CONSTANT negative for it’s people. They literally moved most of our manufacturing to other countries but keep talking about bringing jobs back. WHERE ARE TRUMPS BUSINESSES THAT HE HAS MANUFACTURING FOR IN INDIA AND CHINA?! WHY ARE THEY NOT BACK OVER HERE IN AMERICA TO MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN?! WHY IS HE NOT GIVING THE PEOPLE, HIS PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR HIM THEIR JOBS?!

  2. Please get informed!! The BLACK leadership in Gary, led by Karen Freeman Wilson, are the ones to blame for this!! Go to Gary library on Broadway, look at the Maya Energy permit application, and see for yourself who is behind this!!!

  3. The mayor of Gary does not care about black oak just like the mayor’s before her we need the Hammond mayor that gets things done.

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