Brown, Soliday, Harris, Smith Gary Landfill Proposal Pushed Forward

House Bill 1318 would allow landfill in Gary next to existing homes despite statewide mandate that there be a 1/2 mile buffer between homes and sanitary landfill.

January 24, 2018-Just moments ago the Indiana HOuse of Representatives Committee on Environmental Affairs voted to allow landfills next to residences in Gary, Indiana. Under Indiana law, a landfill cannot be located within 1/2 mile of a residential neighborhood. House Bill 1318, authored by Rep. Earl Harris, Ed Solidy, Charlie Brown and Vernon Smith, would create an exception to that rule that only applies to Gary, Indiana. The rule was pushed by Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson and consultant Bo Kemp. The vote in the committee was 12-0. The addition yesterday of co-sponsor Ed Soliday of Valparaiso virtually assures the bill will sail through the Indiana House of Representatives.

On a related note, the nearby Gary Landfill, 1900 Burr Street, is being investigated at this time by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. We hope to have details on that investigation shortly.

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