Sheriff’s Significant Other Locked Out of Jail, Computers

According to testimony in the Buncich sentencing hearing, Deborah Back accessed information regarding Assistant US Attorney Phil Benson and a confidential human source without authorization

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January 17, 2018-Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez says he has “suspended any access to the [jail] facility and revoked the credentials of Correctional Health Indiana employee Deborah Back as a result of information which was made public in the sentencing hearing of former Sheriff John Buncich.  According to information at the hearing, Deborah Back was director of nursing for Correctional Health Indiana, a corporation which provides medical care to inmates in the Lake County Jail.  In that position, Back had access to the Spillman Data System maintained by the county.  After Sheriff Buncich’s indictment, Back accessed the Spillman system and performed searches on the names Phillip Benson and Scott Jurgensen.  Phil Benson is a United Stated Department of Justice employee and was the lead prosecutor in the Buncich ca(se.  Scott Jurgensen was the confidential human source utilized by the FBI during the investigation of Buncich.  Jurgenson’s name was released by the Times of Northwest Indiana one day after the Buncich indictment.

Sheriff Martinez says the “unauthorized or inappropriate access may be a violation of both Department policy and state law.”  Additional information is expected after the investigation is completed.

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