Hammond FOP Asks Residents to Contact Representatives Regarding “Noah’s Law”

Noah Inman was struck by a bullet while he was playing basketball in front of his house on July 1, 2017. Noah later died from his wounds and it was determined that the bullet had been fired into the air in celebration of Independence Day. Noah’s Law would criminalize firing a weapon into the air in a populated area.

January 17, 2018-The Hammond FOP rarely gets involved in legislative matters. Noah’s Law, proposed by retired Hammond Police Officer Linda Lawson, is an exception to that rule. House Bill 1387, known as Noah’s Law provides:

a person not in a place specifically set aside for the discharge of a firearm who knowingly or intentionally discharges a loaded firearm without legal justification while in a city or town commits a Level 6 felony.

The bill would apply to any city or town in Indiana, regardless of population. The Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 51 in Hammond, is requesting that residents contact House Representative Thomas Washburne and ask him to give the bill a hearing in the Courts and Criminal Code Committee.

In a social media post, the Hammond Fraternal Order of Police posted:

He [Rep. Washburne] “is attempting to stonewall this good legislation. He has prevented it from being heard on his committee thus far. He will force this bill to die if his mind isn’t changed by Tuesday, January 23, 2018!!! This example of partisan tactics will continue to fail innocent people within the State of Indiana. We can’t let this happen!

PLEASE, in the name of the citizens whom we SERVE, for the sake of all children in our great State, and in memory of young Noah Inman, PLEASE call Washburne’s office and offer up a fight. This is the right thing to do. We don’t need anymore children to die at the hands of irresponsible and ignorant “celebratory” shooters in the State of Indiana!

Rep. Washburn

Remember- what goes up, must come down. This isn’t time for partisan politics. God bless. We continue to pray for the Inman (Burczyk) family.

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  1. Instead of passing a law to make ignorant people felons, it might be more purposeful to have people take a gun safety class.

    Then we have the idiots from Illinois saturating LC, toss’em in jail.

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