Hammond Demo Firm Investigated for Illegal Dumping in Gary

According to documents provided by IDEM, IESCO Construction, Inc. of South Holland, IL dumped construction and other debris at a site located at 306 Clark Road in Gary

January 17, 2018-A demolition firm based in South Holland, Il but hired by the City of Hammond is being accused of illegally dumping demolition debris in the City of Gary according to documents obtained by the Gazette.  As noted in the document above, Indiana Department of Environmental Management alleges that IESCO Construction, Inc. filled a ditch which drains into Lake Michigan with construction demolition debris.  The notice is dated September 1, 2017 and states that it is a result of inspections on February 17, 22 and 23 as well as March 1 and 7, 2017.

IESCO is required to provide documentation demonstrating that all demoltion debris is properly disposed of to the City of Hammond and the State of Indiana. In June of 2017, IDEM noted that IESCO failed to provide the name of the waste transporter and the location for disposal of demolition debris including possible asbestos materials regarding multiple Hammond demolition projects. The sections which asked for the disposal site and waste hauler were left blank.

In a response, IESCO stated that they hired licensed asbestos abatement contractors for all residences that were found to contain asbestos. IESCO also submitted, under penalty for perjury, the dump location and contracted waste hauler:

IESCO was ordered to clean the property within 60 days and when we visited the property earlier this week clean up had not yet begun.

We will update this post with additional information as it becomes available.

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