Fast Acting Hobart Officer Saves Baby on First Day on Job

January 12, 2018-A Hobart Police Officer saved the life of a baby on his first day on the job. According to a statement from Hobart Police Captain Garrett Ciszewski, Officers Raul Ramos, Richard Mayer and Adam Zornier were eating lunch at a Chic-Fil-A restuarant when a distraught female ran over saying her baby was unable to breathe. The mother described the incident in a social media post shared by Hobart Police:

Nothing scarier than your child choking. Charlotte was choking on a piece of apple today at Chick-fil-a. Thank GOD there were three Hobart police officers just a few feet away. I rushed her over to them, yelled, “I think she’s choking!” One of them, Richard Mayer, immediately grabbed her, flipped her over, and gave her the Heimlich, dislodging the food. It was so fast, he didn’t even pause- he just knew exactly what to do. I am forever indebted to you, Officer Mayer. Thank you for saving my baby girl. God was protecting us for sure. To Adam Zormier and the other officer who was there, thank you as well. I know if it wasn’t Officer Mayer who had been right in front of me, either of you would have done the same thing. Everyday heroes, people

Officers checked on the mother and the child a few minutes after the incident, both appeard in good condition.

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