Lonnie Randolph Introduces Bill to Require LC Juvenile Judge to be Elected

January 3, 2018-State Senator Lonnie Randolph has proposed legislation which would require the Lake County Juvenile Court Judge to be elected every 6 years.  Election of the Juvenile Court Judge would begin in 2022.  Additionally, the proposed legislation requires all judges who select magistrates to “strive to reflect the ethnic and racial demographics of the county.”  Currently all judges in Lake County are appointed by the Governor and face only a retention vote.  Many Lake County judges will face retention in 2018.  State Senator Lonnie Randolph was previously the elected Judge in the City of East Chicago.  Many municipal court judges are elected but their authority is limited and often subject to review by Circuit and Superior Courts.  The measure was referred to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and a hearing date has not yet been scheduled.

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  1. Yea, Lonnie, let’s put some have @ssed clown, who is a political hack as a person to decide the future of our kids.

    I know the first guy on the nomination list is the very well qualified Jamal Washington?

    Hey a better idea Lonnie… how about term limits for yourself and other elected officials.

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