“Fringe” Group . . .Now That’s Not Very Civil

Civility Counts . . .unless you disagree, then you must be marginalized

Times/One Region Harris Poll results

January 1, 2018-Happy New Year from your news source that strives to not call you names. Unfortunately for those looking for open and honest debate about one of the most important issues in the area, The Times has chosen to resort to name calling rather than inform or educate. In an editorial today, the Don Fesko/Community Foundation funded One Region Times stooped to calling those who disagree with the transformation of the region “fringe social media groups.” As has always been the case, Civility Counts unless you disagree.

The use of the term “fringe” is a new, and likely intentional, level in the Times/One Region attack on residents. A quick search of the use of the term sees that it is often associated with neo-nazi’s, antifa and violent separatists. In the past The Community Foundation sponsored Times has referred to those who oppose their billion dollar tax and spend plans as “keyboard snipers” and “extremists.” Despite the fact that their own polling (see above) shows that the train is not favored by on overwhelming majority of residents throughout the region, it seems that the Times Editorial Board, must portray the majority opinion as that of a small group of “naysayers” to appease their corporate overlords-NIPSCO and Community Foundation. Simply questioning their plan to tax you and spend billions of dollars is all that is necessary to warrant the demeaning labels. As we know from NIPSCO’s Don Babcock, they would prefer that those naysayers just get out and make way for the droves of Illinois residents who are waiting in the wings to repopulate the region.

While the Times/One Region attack on the residents of the region is maddening, it strengthens our resolve to provide ACCURATE information regarding those who stand to profit from the Visclosky/Slager Regional Transformation Plan and how those plans will affect you. In an effort to do that, we need to hear from you. Please read the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority Strategic Comprehensive Plan for your community. Give us your thoughts and opinions on the plans regarding the West Lake Extension, Double Tracking and Transit Oriented Development. You can leave a comment here or submit them to ken@nwigazette.com We will use them, pro and con, in an upcoming article.


  1. The Times attack on legitimate social media forums with thousands of Lake County members only further proves they have wandered off the path of a news agency onto the path of political tool for those who wish to raise our taxes and enrich themselves and their cronies. The fact that they ignore the proven fact that the overwhelming majority of their constituents are against the train plans serves to highlight their thinking that they are the anointed ones. Apparently the people who voted them into office are not capable of seeing the merit of a program multiple studies, some of their own making, show will surely lose money for years and be a burden on taxpayers for years to come.

  2. The Town of Highland’s Town Council voted to appropriate money for thirty years plus to advance the train project. The fact is that hundreds of people that now drive through Highland every day to get to and from the station on Indianapolis Blvd will not be coming through our town and going to our stores and restaurants and gas stations and spending their money. So our leaders have decided to pay for the privilege of giving people a reason to not visit out town or it’s businesses. What possible benefit can losing business of hundreds of people every day possibly hold for our town? This seems like nothing more than the town bowing to the pressure of the political machine that runs Northwest Indiana.

    • We have asked the Governor for comment on this. So far nothing. Ultimately, Governor Holcomb has to answer directly for this fiasco.

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