Second Merrillville Shooting Victim Passes Away

December 28, 2017-Another victim of a December 26 shooting incident in Merrillville has passed away. According to Lake County Coroner Merrilee Frey, coroner investigators were called to Methodist Hospital Northlake early this morning. Investigators pronounced 55 year old Candy Marie Halbe was pronounded dead at 1:04 a.m. The case is being investigated as a homicide according to the report. A gunshot wound was noted as the injury and the address listed for Candy Halbe was in the 2400 block of west 61st Place, Merrillville.

Merrillville Police were called to the 2400 block of west 61st Place on December 26, 2017 just after 9:00 p.m. Police found that two people had been shot inside a residence at that location and witnesses reported a known suspect was responsible for the shootings. Merrillville Police searched the area and the Gazette is following up on a report or an arrest.

Yesterday Lake County Coroner Merrilee Frey reported 27 year old Ryan Halbe was pronounced dead at approximately 10:00 p.m. at Methodist Hospital Southlake. A gunshot would was noted and the case is being investigated as a homicide by the Merrillville Police Department. Both the decedants home address and the occurrence location were 2400 block or west 61st Place, Merrillville.

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