Cedar Lake Police Report “LetGo” Robbery

Cedar Lake Police urge caution for those meeting individuals for selling or purchasing goods. “The Cedar Lake Police Department front parking lot is a “meetup spot” for these internet purchases and makes a good exchange location.”

December 23, 2017-Cedar Lake Police Deputy Chief Carl Brittingham says a Wanatah man was robbed of an Apple Watch after he met with a man in Cedar Lake who pretended to be an interested purchaser. According to Deputy Chief Brittingham, the seller had listed the Apple watch with the app “LetGo” and had arranged to meet a man in Cedar Lake to consummate the sale. “Once the victim arrived and met with the male suspect the suspect grabbed the Apple watch out of the victims hand and took off running” according to Deputy Chief Brittingham.

Police then searched the same app and found the same Apple watch for sale in the Cedar Lake area. “Sgt. Tim Kilgore went undercover in plain clothing and setup a meet with the seller in Cedar Lake. It was agreed the watch would be sold for $250.00. Cpl. Keith Wood, Cpl. Jason Allande and Officer Jarret Stickle assisted Sgt. Kilgore and Officer Smoot in setting up a perimeter to capture the suspect” the report continues.

Sgt. Kilgore then met with the suspect and confirmed the identity of the watch. Two male subjects delivered the watch according to the report. Sgt. Kilgore and the other officers moved in and took both into custody. The suspect who stole the watch and re-listed it on LETGO was identified as 18 year old Christian Mcwhorter of Cedar Lake, IN. The second male who was involved in the re-sale of the watch to Sgt. Kilgore was identified as a 14 year old juvenile also of Cedar Lake, IN.

Deputy Chief Brittingham says both suspects were taken into custody, the 14 year old was released to his mother and charges with the Juvenile Court are pending for his involvement. Mcwhorter was lodged in the Lake County Jail and charged today with Robbery (level 5 felony). The Apple watch was recovered and will be returned to the owner.

All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. A criminal charge is not evidence of guilt.


  1. D. Sir, How unfortunate for you to publish and comment on this Shame on the police for even saying that on the air where it could be heard by all without knowing the entire circumstances of the perpetrator. Yes, a law was broken but the comments on the intelligence or lack of are unnecessary. That is my nephew and you, or the Cedar Lake Police, have any concept of the road he has traveled and how the system has let him down.

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